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Counsel Access Plan: Outside General Counsel for Your Business


Every business needs a great lawyer in their corner, but not every business needs a full-time General Counsel in the corner office.  For Pennsylvania small businesses and medium corporations seeking attentive and thoughtful legal guidance, we offer our Counsel Access Plan.  For the startup and new business, our plan stands with you once formation has been achieved.  At its core, the Counsel Access Plan provides the corporate registration and compliance legal services your business needs.  We then ensure you have direct access to our legal team to meet your anticipated legal needs.  For ongoing concerns, we assist with all operational legal needs, from governance, contracts, compliance, and employee issues.   

Our law firm's Counsel Access Plan - an Outside General Counsel Legal Subscription Plan - offers comprehensive legal support tailored to the specific needs of businesses. With this plan, clients gain access to a dedicated team of experienced attorneys who serve as their external legal department, providing ongoing advice and counsel on a wide range of legal matters. From contract review and negotiation to regulatory compliance and risk management, our team works closely with clients to proactively address legal issues, minimize liabilities, and protect their interests.

With a fixed monthly fee, clients can budget effectively while enjoying unlimited access to legal guidance, document reviews, and strategic counsel. Our Counsel Access Plan is designed to offer peace of mind, allowing businesses to focus on growth and operations while we handle their legal needs efficiently and cost-effectively. By partnering with our firm through this subscription model, businesses can benefit from the expertise of seasoned attorneys without the overhead costs of hiring in-house counsel, ensuring they have the legal support they need to thrive in today's complex business environment.

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